Suggested Maintenance:

1. Always use a shoehorn.

This will prevent the counters from crushing, which is a molded material (similar to fiberglass). Its purpose is to shape and support the heel. Shoehorns also protect the heel linings from unnecessary abuse.

2. Polish

Always keep a ‘fresh’ coat of polish, cream, or moisturizer on your footwear. Even our hands tend to dry and crack when exposed to excess moisture. Think of leather in the same way, except leather no longer has the ability to produce natural oils, which would otherwise keep it moist and supple. Cream polish will penetrate deeper into the grain of leather, while wax tends to coat the surface, lasting longer with a brighter shine. We recommend cream for softer leather and wax for more ridged leather. Polish should be applied when the leather begins to look dull or feels dry to the touch. Eventually, you may begin to see a streaking, flaking, or blotchiness on the upper. This means the polish has clogged the pores of the leather and caked. Remedy: An application of polish remover then simply reapply a fresh coat of polish.

3. Waterproof

We always recommend an application of waterproof spray to new footwear. This is just an added protection for leather and helps prevent water damage and salt stains. Do not use a silicone-based product on high grade footwear. This tends to darken light to mid-tone leathers and leaves an oily residue which interferes with the ability of the leather to shine well. Proper sequence: waterproof, then shine. Waterproofing is recommended every 4th to 8th shine depending on weather conditions. The damper the weather is, the more frequent the application.