Vibram, Rubber, and Synthetic Bottoms:

We are an authorized repair center.

Yes, we can resole your casual or dress shoes with genuine Vibram or rubber soles. Occasionally the identical Vibram or Rubber sole is no longer available. In such cases, we use the closest current sole available.



Vibram Dress Sole

Package includes:
Resoling, repair of minor loose stitching, reconditioning of the leather, and hand polishing.

Your price $130.00 including Shipping/Handling

Heavy lug soles:
Includes the same as the above service

Your price $140.00
includes Shipping/Handling



To order a free postage paid shipping package: call, email, fax or write to:

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New York, New York 10022
Phone: (212) 750-0818
Store Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30-5:00pm EST.

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