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Repairs for Ladies shoes:
Wobbly Heels (need to be reset or new shanks) $14.00 ea.
New buckles $18.00 pr.
New elastics $18.00 pr.
Lifts (heels) $9.00 pr.
Dye Uppers $25.00 pr.
Refinish uppers (close as possible to original color) $20.00 pr.
Stretching (wet last process) $14.00 pr.
Half soles and heels $35.00 pr.
Recover heels (new heel cover) $35.00 pr.
New straps $24.00 pr.
New leather insoles (sock liners) $15.00 pr.
New heel liner (back liners)
$15.00 pr
New heel blocks (includes shipping & handling) - Free Shipping Available*
$49.95 pr.
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Add Ons:
Sole Protectors $18.00 pr.
Waterproof $12.00
Cedar shoetrees (helps to keep the shape of the shoe, will absorb moisture between wearings) $18.00
Shoe bags (protects shoes from being scratched while in storage; great for travel) $10.00
Scented vamp shapers (foam velvet inserts which help keep the shape of the uppers, absorb moisture and are scented. $15.00
ADD: $9.95 for shipping & Handling
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